MDM Is Your One-Stop HVAC Accessory Shop

When your replacement unit requires a curb adapter, MDM has got you covered. Adapters ensure a proper fit without needing to replace or significantly modify the existing curb. MDM has recently expanded its Curb Adapter Department. With more equipment and workstations, we can now handle larger volumes and provide quicker turn times, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

When it comes to curbs, MDM offers a wide range of options to fit your needs. Our selection includes Curb Adapters of all sizes, Fan Curbs, Pitched Curbs, Equipment Stands, and more, each designed to cater to different project requirements.

Integrating Fan Curbs into your next project is not just a good idea; it’s the ideal way to isolate vibrations between the fan and the building structure. By elevating exhaust fans or HVAC units above the roof level, our fan curbs not only minimize noise but also provide crucial structural support. They also ensure the unit is level while elevating the equipment, a feature that effectively prevents water ingress.

Pitched Curbs are designed to match the slope of a pitched roof. They ensure that rooftop HVAC units or fans sit level on a sloped roof for optimal efficiency. MDM offers a variety of pitched curbs to fit your project. 

Equipment Stands offer a solution for ground-level and rooftop installations. By protecting equipment from debris and moisture and keeping it level and supported,  equipment stands can increase the life of your unit or accessory. 

McDaniel Metals offers guidance and training for the PDQ online quoting system, empowering you to make quick decisions about your next project while staying within budget and on time.

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