Concentric Transition, Square to Round, 18″ Round

Product Information

Part Number 160-RX-009-18
Application Commercial
Manufacturer Rheem
Compatible Manufacturer Model Numbers RACA036, RACA042, RACA048, RACA060, RACA13036, RACA13042, RACA13048, RACA13060, RACA14024, RACA14036, RACA14042, RACA14048, RACA14060, RACA15024, RACA15036, RACA15042, RACA15048, RACA15060, RGEA13024, RGEA13030, RGEA13036, RGEA13042, RGEA13048, RGEA13060, RGEA14024, RGEA14030, RGEA14036, RGEA14042, RGEA14048, RGEA14060, RGEA15024, RGEA15030, RGEA15036, RGEA15042, RGEA15048, RGEA15060, RGEA16024, RGEA16036, RGEA16048, RGEA16060, RGEAZR024, RGEAZR030, RGEAZR036, RGEAZR042, RGEAZR048, RGEAZR06, RGEB13024, RGEB13030, RGEB13036, RGEB13042, RGEB13048, RGEB13060, RGEC13024, RGEC13030, RGEC13036, RGEC13042, RGEC13048, RGEC13060, RKAA018, RKAA024, RKAA030, RKAA036, RKAA042, RKAA048, RKAA060, RMAA018, RMAA024, RMAA030, RMAA036, RMAA042, RMAA048, RMAA060, RNAB024, RNAB030, RNAB036, RNAB042, RNAB048, RNAB060, RNAC024, RNAC030, RNAC036, RNAC042, RNAC048, RNAC060, RNLB024, RNLB030, RNLB036, RNLB042, RNLB048, RNLB060, RNLC024, RNLC030, RNLC036, RNLC042, RNLC048, RNLC060, RPLB024, RPLB030, RPLB036, RPLB042, RPLB048, RPLB060, RPNL024, RPNL030, RPNL036, RPNL042, RPNL048, RPNL060, RRKA018, RRKA024, RRKA030, RRKA036, RRKA042, RRKA048, RRKA060, RRLC024, RRLC030, RRLC036, RRLC042, RRLC048, RRLC060, RRNA024, RRNA030, RRNA036, RRNA042, RRNA048, RRNA060, RRNEB048, RRNL024, RRNL030, RRNL036, RRNL042, RRNL048, RRNL060, RRPL024, RRPL030, RRPL036, RRPL042, RRPL048, RRPL060, RRRL024, RRRL030, RRRL036, RRRL042, RRRL048, RRRL060, RSKAA024, RSKAA030, RSKAA036, RSKAA042, RSKAA048, RSKAA060, RSMAA018, RSMAA024, RSMAA030, RSMAA036, RSMAA042, RSMAA048, UPLB048
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